With an interior design by Salto Architects and excellent food our restaurant is the public space at the heart of our theatre. Good taste is essential, in food, in architecture and in performing arts. Good taste will save the world.

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Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 12:00-22:00, kitchen is open until 18:30
Fridays 12:00-00-00, kitchen is open until 23:00
Saturdays only on performance nights at 16:00-22:00, kitchen is open until 18:30.

Friday night at 21 - Jazz Club (book a table)!


Special events and bookings please contact kohvik[ät] and 6605051.

Now: "suspended coffee" in our cafe. Simply pay for extra coffee and someone needy can have it later. Thank you!
If you need a "suspended coffee", just ask your waitress!