Tiina Tauraite (1976) is currently a guest actress at Theatre NO99. She is an actress long time associated with Von Krahl Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia. She finished her acting studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 1998. From she has been an actress at Von Krahl Theatre. Over the years she has worked with directors and groups such as, notably, Peeter Jalakas, Mati Unt, Tiit Ojasoo, Sasha Pepelyayev, Teemu Mäki and Showcase Beat Le Mot. She was awarded Best Supporting Actress at the Estonian annual theatre awards in 2013. In film she has worked with notably Veiko Õunpuu, Sulev Keedus and Rainer Sarnet.

She appears in production
NO32 The Kindly Ones

She appeared in production:

NO73 Noises Off