the red


Konrad wakes up one morning and discovers that he is all alone in his apartment in the city. He has not left his apartment for many years already. Why go out? Better to sit between four walls than to go to the four winds. Yet now Konrad has to go out into the city. He cautiously opens the door and steps out into the unknown.

This stage production directed by Mart Kampus is one man’s journey through the city. On his expedition, Konrad discovers our contemporary city in a way that he has never experienced it before. The city is enigmatic and mysterious, full of weird encounters, murky voices and illuminated streetcars speeding into the night. Together with Art Director Liina Keevallik, an environment is created where Konrad and his companions perceive the city in a completely new way. Yet always at the end of every expedition is also arrival someplace.

The production is without words and suitable for children (10 years of age and up), young people and grown-ups.

The production is inspired by the Albert Lamorisse film The Red Balloon (1956).

Director Mart Kampus
Art Director Liina Keevallik
Script and dramaturg Eero Epner
Jakob Juhkam

On stage Erki Laur, Mari Abel

Premiere on December 3 2016 ata Theatre NO99

Duration is 55 minutes, without intermission.

NB! The production is without words and therefore suitable for watching for any language speaker and without surtitles.