runo songs

If Estonian mythology exists anywhere, then it is in ancient folk songs. One singer leads, and the other/others follow – this is how it usually is in Siberian shamanistic songs where the shaman sings for the community to know about and experience his journeys. Singing is a journey and we do not know what form we will return from it in if we return at all. Singing gives power, singing is power, the singer must have power.

Song is power. In Estonian, it can be said – SONGS WANT TO BE SUNG. It is not I that wants to sing, but rather the song wants to be sung, worlds want to be open and speak with us. A good singer steps out of the way with his ego and lets the new/old world be seen through himself as if through an open door. May the weather be beautiful!

Students sing and tell stories in song.

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre School of Theatre Arts theatrical speech lecturer Anne Türnpu put together the programme. The consultant is Veljo Tormis. The production is the exam for the theatre students in theatrical speech.

Cast: Marta Laan, Kertu Moppel, Jekaterina Nikolajeva, Liis Proode, Liisa
Pulk, Katariina Ratasepp, Sandra Üksküla, Mait Joorits, Mikk Jürjens,
Lauri Kaldoja, Roland Laos, Marko Leht, Artur Tedremägi, Jüri Tiidus,
Mihkel Tikerpalu, Hendrik Toompere jr jr, Kristjan Üksküla.

The duration of the play is about 1 hour.

Premiere March 3rd 2009.