Excerpt from the meeting for accepting plans for rambo:

A story of two men who meet in the wrong place at the wrong time. The intermixing of the personal frustrations of these men causes an explosion that sets off a mini-war.
The conflict has a simple solution, but it is taken so far that it can no longer be resolved. The men finally perish and the everyday idyll continues. Fathers and sons, war and peace, relationships between men and women, and so on, are themes that run through the play. Women in the theatre hall weep, while men pretend that something went in their eye.
From time to time, one gets the impression that the entire incident takes place in the minds of the two main characters – Rambo and his antipode Wilfred. By virtue of this, the story turns into a psychedelic trip from time to time.
The director also wishes to emphasise that Rambo is a simple man, not a superman. The machine was built, it broke down, repairing it is complicated – it is then used as a source for spare parts.

Twelve characters, five actors, of them Rambo (Risto) and Wilfried (Rasmus) do not switch roles, but the others do. The other actors are Mähar (Orval and others), Sergo
(Shingleton and others) and Jaak (Trautman and others).

The title of the play will be rambo – starting with a small letter in order to emphasise Rambo’s universal humanity and a certain conceptuality that defines him.

Directed by Kristjan Sarv. Inspired by the novel "First Blood".
Set and costume design by Liina Tepand.

Cast: Risto Kübar, Rasmus Kaljujärv, Sergo Vares, Jaak Prints, Andres Mähar.

Premiere on 8 October 2008.