"Dunno on the Moon" is based on Nikolai Nossov’s novel of the same name published in the 1960s. The didactic book describes the evils of the capitalist world. Totu, an inhabitant of the friendly Flower Village, finds himself on the Moon where life is totally different.
And what a life this is! Totu quickly learns that the harmonious rules of his village do not apply here. He gets to know money and what is really means. Soon enough Totu is involved in a huge investment pyramid that nasty capitalists Kalmare and Coifield are trying to abuse.

Nossov’s novel was adapted by Peeter Volkonski, concept of the production by Tiit Ojasoo, staged by Tiit Ojasoo and Kaspar Jancis, who provided the music. Performances only take place in offices, the very heart of capitalism.
A minimalist production with few props and rock music.
NB! Only by previous booking!

The lead Risto Kübar or Kaspar Jancis, other roles: Kristjan Sarv, Andres Mähar, Gert
Raudsep, Rasmus Kaljujärv, Jaak Prints, Mirtel Pohla, Inga Salurand and
Sergo Vares.

Private premiere on 5 February on the premises of GILD Bankers. Next possible dates for booking the performance are 2/3/6/16/17 March. It lasts approximately 1 h 15 min, and needs a 50 sq m office with well-functioning air conditioning. Maximum number of spectators at any time is 30. For booking a performance please phone 66 88 780.

With this performance, theatre NO99 has taken the investment bank GILD
Bankers under its patronage. During the season the bank is being sponsored with a tough backbone and ideological sparkle.