sometimes it feels as if life has gone by without love


“By the age of twenty he was convinced: there is only one thing that I am destined for,
and this is glory, exactly – glory
! He did not have the slightest idea, which glory he was longing for or which glory he was suitable for. He only knew that in the core of the world darkness there was a ray of light, which was only meant for him, which would one day take him to itself with the aim of casting light only upon him and himself only.”
(Yukio Mishima. “Midnight watch”)

Mishima was one of the most outstanding Japanese writers of the 20th century, mainly a drama writer and a novelist, but also a columnist, film actor, photo model. He was attached to the traditional Samurai Bushido-ethics and was longing for the imperialistic Japan, but his texts are subtle and rtomantic, containing long sensitive descriptions, but also irrational brutality and roughness. His belief into his ideals was steadfast and his sorrow, resulting from the disappearance of values which were of importance to him, passionate.

Texts translated by Rein Raud

Directed by Tiit Ojasoo ja Ene-Liis Semper
Scenographer Ene-Liis Semper
Choreographer Jüri Nael

Actors Rasmus Kaljujärv, Tiit Ojasoo, Kristjan Sarv and Hendrik Toompere jr.