It was 7 years after that show and I was in a small theatre called Zona K in Milan, still talking about it. I am not even a member of NO99, but as a consultant who helped to bring United Estonia to the stage I get occasionally invited to fill in. Mostly on small stages across Europe. UK, Poland, Sweden, this time Italy.

The dedicated audience sat through the 2 hours of Q&A and when more than two hours of Ash and Money, our documentary about United Estonia. As I watched the film for about 13th time, heard people laugh and react to the movie, I realized that United Estonia still resonates with the world today, with the world rewired by broken channels and mulleted politicians. 7 years ago we played with a populism machine, beta tested it, had fun with it. But boy, how these machines are put into real use nowadays...  

You can watch the full movie here.

NO55 ASH AND MONEY IN Manchester

'NO55 Ash and Money', the making-of documentary about the Theatre NO99 project Unified Estonia, a fictious populist political party, was presented last week in Manchester. In the aftermath of Brexit, and in a city known for its liberal and cosmopolitan vibe, the film gathered avid audience interest at the Manchester-and-Brighton-based SICK! arts festival. It also provided for much discussion in the Q&A session that followed the showing. There, Theatre NO99's dramaturg Laur Kaunisaare went into some detail about the backround of the project, yet failed to confirm that Mr Trump got his ideas from us (as one audience member eagerly suggested). We wish!

fresh: no38 the red balloon

Our new production "NO38 The Red Balloon" is directed by guest director Mart Kampus. The production is inspired by the Albert Lamorisse film The Red Balloon (1956). Read more.
NB! The production is without words and therefore suitable for watching for any language speaker and without subtitles.