Published in 2006, Jonathan Littell's novel "The Kindly Ones" instantly gained international reknown and was awarded a number of the post important literary prizes. Giving the reader a historically exact panorama of the wartime wanderings of a Nazi officer, and doing so in an admirable style of writing, the biggest merit of "The Kindly Ones" is Littell's analysis of the officer's inner world of ideas and emotions. This is a cool and sober look into the absolute centre of evil where one discovers not a monstrous freak, but a common human heart, beating with vigour and desire for life.

What are the choices that man faces? Who makes his descisions? What is the moral? Whose morals are these? Who of us is twiddling the first stone, ready to cast it? Is anybody? If man is defined by life, and if the absolute of what is moral is measured by the sanctity of life, is then the wish to survive by whatever price an act of immorality?

Director Tiit Ojasoo
Music Designer Hendrik Kaljujärv

On stage Gert Raudsep and Tiina Tauraite (Von Krahli Teater)

Premiere on December 22, 2017