Gert Raudsep (1970) finished his studies in acting at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 1992. 1992-2005 he was an actor at Ugala Theatre in Viljandi, Estonia.

Since 2005 he is an actor at Theatre NO99.

He appears in productions:
NO32 The Kindly Ones
NO35 After Silence
NO43 Filth

NO53 The Case of the Lost Friend

He appeared in productions:
NO39 Mother Courage

NO46 Savisaar
NO46,5 First reading. Savisaar`s Great Speech
NO49 The Truth I've Been Longing For
NO51 My Wife Got Angry
NO53,5 First reading. Last Days of Minister
NO58 Ilona. Rosetta. Sue

NO60 Every True Heartbeat
NO66 Iphigenia in Aulis
NO69 Three Kingdoms
NO72 The Rise and Fall of Estonia
NO73 Noises Off
NO74 Untitled
NO75 Unified Estonia Assembly
NO77 Garbage, The City and Death
NO81 Startup
NO83 How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare
NO84 Macbeth
NO86 Pericles
NO87 Death of a Communist
NO88 ГЭП ehk Garjatšije estonskije parni
NO89 Dunno on the Moon
NO90 Dear Hunter
NO91 King Ubu
NO92 Stalker
NO93 Oil!
NO94 Two Suns
NO95 The Cherry Orchard
NO96 Seven Samurais