The heart and living soul of Theatre NO99 are our actors, our ensemble. Critics and curators all around Europe have praised their collaboration on the stage, their dedication and physicality. But most of all, the ensemble of Theatre NO99 is known for being an ensemble in the truest sense of the word: all actors are working together, collaborating on stage for a shared aim. Nevertheless they are all known for their stunning versatility. There are not very many theatre forms at which they haven't worked in: from living installation to Shakespeare, from Albee to performance art, from slapstick-comedy to live-cinema, from improvisation to musicals, from antique tragedy to contemporary dance, from surreal compositions to political one-offs.

Rasmus Kaljujärv

Eva Koldits

Rea Lest

Jörgen Liik

Helena Lotman

Gert Raudsep

Simeoni Sundja

Ragnar Uustal

Marika Vaarik

Ene-Liis Semper

Tiit Ojasoo