"The Cherry Orchard", "Faust", "Swan Lake", "Hamlet", "Three Sisters", "The Idiot". Sasha Pepelyayev has a thing for classics. But for him, classics are not about words. Pepelyayev's theatre is physical, full of energy and unexpected images. He takes the classics to pieces and then, after processing them with unhinged fantasy and changing them beyond recognition, puts them back together again. Paradoxically, what you see on stage, is the original power of the chrestomatic work, freed of the dust of tradition.

Written in January 1918, "The Twelve" is a powerful and multilayered long poem by Alexander Blok. It's one of the most passionately debated works in Russian literature. Twelve guys with guns in the middle of a snowstorm that feels like the ultimate force majeur. Time: right after the revolution. Vulgarity side by side with eternity, lyricism side by side with agit-prop, and then ... the enigmatic finale. But most important of all - energy , wild energy. Is it a glorification of the revolution? A satire? Nobody knows, so no wonder Blok's "The Twelve" is a classic. The stage - full of the grace, beauty and sweat of young theatre students.

Text Alexander Blok
Direction and Set Design Sasha Pepelyajev
Costumes Sergey Illarionov
Dramaturgy Laur Kaunissaare

On Stage Johan Elm, Kirill Havanski, Ingmar Jõela, Laura Kukk, Ingrid Margus, Jane Napp, Jaanus Nuutre, Dovydas Pabarčius, Steffi Pähn, Teele Pärn, Sander Roosimägi, Ilo-Ann Saarepera, Johannes Richard Sepping, Nils Mattias Steinberg, Markus Truup, Joosep Uus (all students of Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre)

Premiere on March 11 2017