my wife


Images wield an extraordinary power over the contemporary society. Images of beauty, of what is supposed to be the ideal life. Images are everywhere, they are omnipotent. People are so filled up with them, that they feel they have to live up to these images as if their were their own. In the world of copies one easily looses touch with what once was the initial „original“. This is true socially, but it is also something profoundly personal.

A man finds himself in a curious situation: he has lost all the priceless images he had, of his family having a holiday together on a paradise island. Their dissapearance could be explained, but beyond the logical explanation there is the mute state of loss. It is only through the memory of the emotions that he tried to capture with the photos, that he can now attempt the impossible, that he can try to recreate the lost images. And suddenly a group of complete stranges appears who help him with this quixotic task. They become his family, his loved ones, if only in these recreated photos. Hundreds of images are photographed live on stage and projected on a screen adjacent to the doings of the peculiar group of characters. A double stage reality of image and reality, of copy and original, is born.

„Photography is our exorcism. Primitive society had its masks, bourgeois society its mirrors. We have our images,“ Jean Baudrillard wrote. Every day, every second, we are surrounded by an ocean of images, attempts by somebody to, if only for a moment, stop the flow of time. Tiit Ojasoo's and Ene-Liis Semper's „My Wife Got Angry“ ponders on this phenomenon that is at the very heart of the way we live now.

Directors and Art Directors Ene-Liis Semper and Tiit Ojasoo
Dramaturg Eero Epner
Sound design Hendrik Kaljujärv

Cast Eva Koldits, Rea Lest, Helena Pruuli, Gert Raudsep, Rasmus Kaljujärv, Jörgen Liik, Simeoni Sundja and as guest Juhan Ulfsak

Premiere May 10 2014 at Theatre NO99

Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes, no intermission.