It’s six o’clock. The workday has ended, the lectures are over. I’m a little tired. Why should I go to the theatre? Because Lauri Lagle has directed two plays thus far at NO99 Theatre. (Untitled) focused on one person’s attempts to find lost love in the maze of social lies in order to then share it with everyone. The Great Devouring is a quartet play where four people proceed to fill their bellies and their yearnings to do something total. Wednesday is Lagle’s newest stage production, where the focus is no longer on the heroes of our everyday lives, daredevils who perform superhuman acts. Instead it is on the ordinary person in the middle of his Wednesday.
But why should anyone just tell a story about “ordinariness”? That is done quite often but Lagle is nevertheless a director with a different touch. He seeks the exalted in the banal, hope in worries, and joy in the routine. By now he has been in a room with four women for almost two months and together with them he has examined what it is that turns an ordinary Wednesday into Wednesday. What happens? Why doesn’t anything ever happen? What comes to mind? What would you like to do? What would you like to eat, to drink, who would you like to talk to? Is there anyone to talk to at all? And above all: what rhythm does the heart beat in when all those questions are being asked?

Wednesday is a cheerful play. It is extremely important. It is necessary to find the right words so as not to get snotty when talking about the everyday, not to get stuck in that ordinariness, but rather to find the opportunities in precisely what is boring and routine for seeing your own life as an inexhaustible well of thirst for life. All that is why it is a good idea to come to the theatre by seven o’clock.


A single minute for Lauri Lagle can last for an entire hour. An eighty-minute play can pass in the twinkling of an eye. The only thing that is really ours is the time of our life. In Lagle’s theatre, we jointly experience how that proceeds.
Stefan Schmidtke

Director and Art Director Lauri Lagle
Music Design Mihkel Tomberg, troupe, Hendrik Kaljujärv
Costume Designer Ene-Liis Semper
Light Designer Siim Reispass

Cast: Eva Klemets, Inga Salurand, Kaie Mihkelson (Estonian Drama Theatre) and Mari Abel (Von Krahl Theatre).

Premiere on November 2 2013 at Theatre NO99