the suicideR


Nikolai Erdman's "The Suicider" is a perfect comedy about a guy who decides to kill himself. It's the first decision he's made by himself, or so it seems. "The Suicider" is mixture of over the top slapstick and intellectual wit. Written in the Soviet Union in the 1920s, it was prohibited until the Union came crumbling down in 1991. And it was prohibited for a reason - the way it reflects how the little man is instantly manipulated by the society whenever he has developed one single sincere idea of his own, is simply brilliant and worthy of the best Soviet jokes. Allthough Soviet ideology is dead, one now has value based marketing, intergrated marketing communication, call-to-action and all that gibberish instead. Therefor Erdman's is our contemporary.

Directed by Tiit Ojasoo, played by students from Ojasoo's actors course at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Andrei Ivanov, probably the best contemporary writer in Estonia, will write a brand new act for Erdman's play.

Directors- Art Directors Tiit Ojasoo, Ene-Liis Semper

Cast: Jaanika Arum, Markus Dvinjaninov, Marian Heinat, Linda Kolde, Rea Lest, Jörgen Liik, Roman Maksimuk, Veiko Porkanen, Helena Pruuli, Jarmo Reha, Reimo Sagor, Simeoni Sundja, Ragnar Uustal, Kärt Tammjärv and Linda Vaher (students from Drama School).

Premiere on October 12 at Russian Theatre in Tallinn