a step closer


Everyone lives apart, yet people are nevertheless together. Being together, at the same time. Two together, together in houses, cities, countries, seven billion, however high-flown that may seem. There are those who think that being together, finding contact with someone else is exceptional and therefore of value. There are those who think that being together is nothing less than people’s natural state. One way or another, the topic is timeless and it seemed to be necessary to take a step closer to it.

Clarity, purity of thought, forethought, and even simplicity characterise Mart Kangro’s works. He consciously creates conceptual spaces in the midst of action, which the audience can fill. Kangro is not a new name at NO99 Theatre either. We have worked together with him on the stage production of How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Rabbit. This time he is directing the production using students from the class that Tiit Ojasoo is supervising at the Theatre Academy, more precisely – the cast consists of male-students only. Together with Mart Kangro and Taavi Kerikmäe, they try to create an environment where a diversity of possibilities prevails. Theatre is the best place for this. Those who have witnessed Kangro’s work can expect aesthetic quality and refined games with the audience. Nevertheless – and this is important – Mart Kangro is indeed a choreographer, but this stage production is not a dance production. There is no reason to fear.

Kangro’s artistic chosen relative, the German choreographer Thomas Lehmen, is doing the prologue for this production. This is a part of Lehmen’s project, in the course of which he travels all over the world and as a gift, does stage productions with people he meets.

Choreographer Mart Kangro, featuring Thomas Lehmen (Germany).

Music Design Taavi Kerikmäe

On stage male students from Drama School.

Premiere April 18 2013 at Theatre NO99.