the big feast


The Big Feast is destined to happen when four persons gather together to execute the final and fatal deed. However fatality is never sad but fluffy like pudding, light as a slice of lettuce or pure as an egg white.

When it becomes necessary to fill the great void that the Universe, God and our dear parents have left in us, it can only be filled with love. After all, the way to a man´s heart is through his stomach.

When the last supper is at hand, nobody needs to hide anymore. You can forget the wretched psychology, the painstaking past and the dreadful suffering of life.
It is the last and the final feast - and everything is spendid. No reason to be afraid anymore. The table has been set and on it, absolute freedom is served. Keeping in mind suitable table manners, pick your knife and fork. Slice a bite. A juicy, savory, unbearably tasty bite. Albeit the last one.

This is a satiric comedy and a tragic dinner.
The play is inspired by Marco Ferreri´s film "La Grande Bouffe" (1973).

Director Lauri Lagle
Set Design Laura Kõiv
Music Designer Hendrik Kaljujärv

On stage Marika Vaarik, Eva Koldits (Klemets) and guest appearances by Margus Prangel, Priit Võigemast

Premiere May 16th 2012 at Theatre NO99.

Duration appr. 1h 50 min. no intermission