It is in the meeting of three cultures that „Three Kingdoms“, Sebastian Nübling's first production at Theatre NO99 was born. Being the first big international co-production by Theatre NO99, it brought together actors and arstists from across Europe - from Estonia, Germany and United Kingdom. It brought together three theatres – Theatre NO99, Münchner Kammerspiele and London's Lyric Hammersmith. It brought together and merged three distinct acting traditions and the result was as fascinating for the artists as it was for the different audiences around Europe.

Directed by Sebastian Nübling, one of the most innovative and intuitive directors in contemporary Germany, „Three Kingdoms“ was a crime thriller whose plot followed an investigation that goes from England to Estonia, from Western Europe to Eastern Europe, from clarity to obscureness. This long mystical journey across the continent was written by the British playwright Simon Stephens especially for these actors, for this director, for this production. It dealt with what it means to be European. Avoiding the answers that are too simple, it deared to step into the heart of confusing darkness.

"Three Kingdoms" was played in Tallinn, London, Munich, Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg. In London it caused something one might call "revolution" as younger generation of theatre makers greeted it with exultation. In Germany it was highlighted as one of the most remarkable international co-productions in German theatre history.

Author Simon Stephens
Director Sebastian Nübling
Art Director Ene-Liis Semper
Music Designer Lars Wittershagen
Lighting Designer Stephan Mariani

Cast: Risto Kübar, Rupert Simonian, Ferdy Roberts, Nick Tennant, Gert
Raudsep, Jaak Prints, Cigdem Teke, Sergo Vares, Mirtel Pohla, Lasse Myhr,
Steven Scharf, Rasmus Kaljujärv, Tambet Tuisk

Producers: NO99 Theatre, Münchner Kammerspiele and Lyric Hammersmith
(World Stage Festival)

Premiere in Tallinn at NO99 Theatre on 17 September 2011 (München: 15.Oktober 2011, London: Mai 2012).