six travellers

A dance stage production put on by young people that is pronouncedly slanted towards theatre.

Six travellers find themselves in the same place at the same time, at the airport. The flights of all six have been delayed. With each passing hour, hope wanes for any flight to take place at all or for them to ever arrive at the destination of their life journey. They are forced to be together and together they must wait for flights that may perhaps not ever come. The situation is sad, sometimes absurd, sometimes hopeless, but they somehow have to manage together.
Jaak Prints and Alissa Shnaider met these young people through giving lessons at the Puppet Theatre Youth Studio. They performed in early December with this same team production in the young choreographers’ series Hypekas. Now they are creating a more complete stage production.

Cast: Ketter Habakukk, Rea Lest, Kerttu Veske, Ivar Murd, Simeoni Sundja, Jürgen Klemm

The duration of the play is about 1 hour.

Premiere March 28th 2009.