head change


The waiting hall of a railway station. A hall where people wait for trains. A happy pianist with his personal orchestra. A man suddenly enters the station and brushes dust and sand off his clothes. He, too, was once a pianist. The happy pianist and the dusty pianist know each other well. They are seemingly friends, but it has been a long time since their last meeting. Obviously too long. Idealism is sometimes out of place – it is, but it has no place. Perhaps it still does, though.

Author and director Uku Uusberg
Composer Pärt Uusberg
Actors Priit Võigemast and Märt Avandi
Chamber choir Good night, brother!

International Participations

September 2009 | Draama 2009 (Tartu, Estonia)
September 2010 | Draama 2010 (Tartu, Estonia)