Sebastian Hartmann began his career as a theatre director about a dozen or so years ago and has so far produced around twenty plays. Already with his first works Hartmann attracted such attention that he was offered the job of the director at Volksbühne Theatre in Berlin. With its contemporary theatre language, Volksbühne is now the most significant theatre in Europe. Other great European theatres are regularly inviting Hartmann to work for them as well, such as the Vienna Burgtheater (repeatedly), the Hamburg Schauspielhaus, and Norwegian Nationalteatret. In 2005 Hartmann was nominated the best theatre director in Norway of 2004 (“John Gabriel Borkman” at the National Theatre).

Peter Schubert is a major stage designer and now also works as a professor, awarded with the best stage designer of the year prize. In addition to the stage sets, Schubert produces the light design as well.

"Stalker" is based on Andrei Tarkovski’s film of the same title made after the script by brothers Strugatski and the director. The film that was shot in Estonia has by today influenced whole generations both here and abroad. Stalker tells a story of the forbidden Zone and the treasure-hunters, so-called stalkers, who move around in the Zone despite the ban.