NO99 Straw Theatre

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Thus from the very beginning, the idea of the Straw Theatre proceeded from the idea to create an installation, to displace the spatial experience of Tallinners compared to what it has been thus far. The idea of straw was added to it – ordinary building material that embodies within it archetypical power along with the beauty of texture. The Skoone Bastion: a place that has waited a long time for some sort of ritual happening, something that would break the reclusion it has hitherto been in. In addition, the need for a new kind of public space: not an area occupied by kiosks selling kebabs or ecological goods, but rather a public space under trees with a view of the sea and lined with a playground, an outlet for borrowing books, a big chess board and a little café, public space where everyone can feel good and free to do as they please. And additionally the theatre as well: if this kind of installation and this kind of public space is already being created, a shot of contemporary culture should also come with the deal. Why not try to invite those artists from all over the world and from Estonia who have inspired, captivated and delighted the members of NO99 Theatre to come here for the summer? Why not create a place where we ourselves would like to be every day? Why not the Straw Theatre?

All these ideas were topped off by the last idea: the idea of the Straw Theatre as a temporary building. It will last for only five months. Thus: time is limited. Whatever happens here this summer will never happen again. What was today will not be tomorrow. We come to Skane, build a building, we bring children here to play, we bring gurus to make and display art, and when autumn arrives we’ll pack up our things again, dismantle the Straw Theatre and go back to our former lives. There is the sadness of creation and the beauty of departure in all this.