Experiments, surface samples, antennae, apparatuses, pipes. Serious scientists who look like they come from cartoons sit at their desks wearing rustling overalls like so many Fausts waiting. Waiting for a signal. An answer. Then they clamber to the object of their efforts. The vast universe around them is still incomprehensible. Nevertheless, the hope of finding answers keeps scientists in research stations for years. They are funny but everything depends on them. Regardless of confusion and the avalanche of the conditions of everyday life, the hope of finally finding something keeps all of us searching in the desert of ignorance. And what happens if we finally find something? In its stage aesthetics, After Silence combines the aspiration of the director’s idea towards abstractness with almost South Park-like farcical acting. This is an exquisite combination of the harebrained and the sublime, like it is in life in general.

Lauri Lagle is often characterised as an intuitive theatrical director. What does this mean? There are directors who are like engineers. Their works are like well-constructed houses – they are supported by stable foundation walls, they are erected in accordance with the rules of the science of the strength of materials, their façades are orderly, presentable, but a little bit…boring. Lauri Lagle’s stage productions are different. They are based on a recognition of what the world is like. There is nothing mystical in this recognition but it is very personal. It is precisely through the utmost personalness that Lagle’s stage productions are capable of generalising, of summing up in a single image the feeling of living in the society around us at the current time.

“Lauri is a diver as both an actor and a director. He gets to the bottom of things. He isn’t afraid of running out of air before reaching the bottom, and won’t opt to go back up quickly instead. He goes clear to the bottom and still brings back that plant that he had gone after. He never seeks conflicts in the action on stage and that’s what makes working with him very interesting. It seems to me that what he is after is to get the actor on the same wavelength – because when you’re on the same wave, you can surf together a very long way,” says Eva Koldits about working with Lagle. After Silence is Lauri Lagle’s fourth stage production with the NO99 Theatre troupe.

Director Lauri Lagle

Sound Artist Hendrik Kaljujärv
Art Directors Kamilla Kase, Allan Appelberg, Lauri Lagle
Light Siim Reispass
Dramaturg Eero Epner

On stage Marika Vaarik, Gert Raudsep, Eva Koldits, Rasmus Kaljujärv

Premiere May 6 2017

Duration is one hour and 40 minutes, without intermission.