poh, yolo


YOLO – You Only Live Once. What do you do when you hear this sentence from a 13 year old? You’re still in school. You’ve just made some friends but everything is still so uncertain. You’re no longer a child but you aren’t a grownup either. “You only live once.” No doubt about it. You go out at night and get plastered.

NO48 poh, YOLO is a play about young people and alcohol. Because the situation concerning the consumption of alcohol by young people is very bad. In the cities and the countryside, for boys and girls. They start younger, they start with larger quantities. Comatose drunk is an eloquent expression with unpleasant content. Parents don’t see it or they don’t have time or they think that it’s normal since in their own day they…And then there are those who earn off the sale of booze. They have their own agenda. And friends? Friends egg kids on. Drink. Drink. Drink. Burn out your brain now already.

We are going to perform this play in classrooms throughout Estonia. We’re going where the young people are, not inviting them to the theatre in the evening to twiddle their thumbs. Sociologists tell us a simple yet harsh truth: children have been left alone in contemporary Estonia. They are forgotten. Everyone’s waiting for them to reach their productive years. Then they can be unleashed into the labour market and turned into objects. But they exist now already. They make decisions now already. And some of them have already ruined their chances now.

The Ministry of Social Affairs is supporting the development of this play.

Director Tiit Ojasoo
Dramaturg Laur Kaunissaare
Graphics Jaan rõõmus

Cast Helena Pruuli, Jarmo Reha, Simeoni Sundja, Ragnar Uustal

Premiere in the early morning on October 14, 2014