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NO75 Unified Estonia (directed by Semper and Ojasoo) was a fictious political movement created by Theatre NO99 that a large portion of the public treated as a real political force. It lasted 44 days, during which various political technologies were introduced. The project ended with Unified Estonia movement assembly, with more than 7500 people attending. It was one of the largest theatre events in contemporary Europe.

Unified Estonia is considered by many to be the most extraordinary in form and the most intriguing in effect of the productions of Theatre NO99. On March 24, 2010 – roughly a year before the next parliamentary elections – Theatre NO99 called a press conference announcing the creation of a new political party under the name of Unified Estonia. The party had a visual identity, an anthem, slogans, everything. And there they were – the actors, in suit and dress, and they sure did look and talk like politicians. What followed in the next six weeks was an artwork that was both an interesting example of political theatre and a radical reinvention of the possible role of performing arts in contemporary democratic societies.

„Unified Estonia“ was a hyper-populist party that was everything for everybody. It used every trick from the populist handbook, copying from existing parties and manipulating the media. With numerous interviews, press releases, poster campaigns and scandals it was constantly front page news. Within a short time span it managed to theatralise the whole society, exposing the hidden mechanisms of populist politics to a very wide audience.

So was it politics or "just art“? Nobody really could tell. Some experts predicted that „Unified Estonia“ would get 20% of the vote at the next elections. Which kept many politicians in various parties extremely nervous.

Idea, concept and production Tiit Ojasoo and Ene-Liis Semper

On stage Rasmus Kaljujärv, Eva Klemets, Risto Kübar, Kristel Leesmend (guest appearance), Andres Mähar, Jaak Prints, Gert Raudsep, Inga Salurand, Tambet Tuisk, Marika Vaarik, Liina Vahtrik (guest appearance), Sergo Vares and many, many others.

Consultant Daniel Vaarik

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