Kristjan Sarv has said about himself: "I’m not a totally pointless man."
We will know on 21 November whether this was mere bragging, or whether there is something in him after all.

Sarv has chosen an extract from Henry Miller’s novel Tropic of Cancer and plans to read this extract as a monologue for no less than 99 times. There is only one aim: TO GET TO THE END AT ANY COST.

Sarv asked Hendrik Kaljujärv to be involved as well; the latter is to fill the stage with music and thanks to his participation in various missions of Friends of the
Earth masters different resuscitation techniques.

The action starts at 6 p.m. and goes on and on and on. Tickets sold until midnight, doors open after that as well.

One-time action
Theatre NO99 one-time action´s ambition is to try ideas what can not be used elsewhere. To carry out tests, which may succeed, but may also fail for the same amount.