Grand prix of Prague Quadriennal

NO99 awarded Golden Triga, the grand prix of Prague Quadriennal

Theatre NO99, representing Estonia, was awarded Golden Triga, the grand prix of Prague Quadriennal for its project "Unified Estonia". In the opinion of the Jury, "Unified Estonia" is an "extraordinary project" that was presented in Prague "combining the means of performing arts and set design, resulting in a great overall effect". The international Jury sees "Unified Estonia" as a project with far reaching consequences that is groundsetting in finding new ways for how performing can directly influence and interact with politics. In addition to the grand prix Golden Triga, Theatre NO99 was also awarded the Special Prize for Innovative Approach to Scenography.

Prague Quadriennal for Performance Design and Space is the biggest and the most important set design event in the world, taking place every four years since 1967. In 2015, 70 countries with more that 1000 artists participated. The quadriennal of 2015 featured more than 500 events at over a 100 venues.

The exhibition curated by Theatre NO99 featured actors of Theatre NO99 presenting themselves as selling the franchise for "Unified Estonia". The actors noted that the visitors showed great interest in the project and that both exhibitions spaces were constantly packed with people. Many of the visitors showed their sincere interest to repeat what "Unified Estonia" did in their own countries and Theatre NO99 has begun the process of consultating some of these projects. Hence, the effect of "Unified Estonia" could soon be repeated in several countries globally.
In addition, a concise version "Ash and Money", the making-of documentary about "Unified Estonia", was presented at the exhibition. Refurbished as the party HQ of "Unified Estonia", the exhibition space also featured posters, brochures on how to come to power and video clips exposing the mechanisms of political technology. These clips and a shortened version of the making-of documentary can be found on the "Unified Estonia" website at

"Unified Estonia" by Theatre NO99 was chosen to represent Estonia at the Prague Quadriennal by the Association of Estonian Scenographers, who was also crucial in organizing the exhibition. Theatre NO99's participation was financially supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Estonian Ministry of Culture.